Showjumping Information/Rules

Provided below are the basic rules and conditions covering our events:


Photo © Molly Smith

  1. All classes are to be judged in accordance with British Showjumping rules.
  2. The Judges and Organisers decision is final.
  3. Riding Hard Hats must be current to BS EN 1384, PAS 015 or ASTM F1163 standards.  Riding hats must be worn and currently secured.
  4. Prizes may be limited in accordance with Rule No. 76.6.
  5. No member shall allow a stallion for which he/she is responsible as owner, lessee, authorised agent, or rider to attend a show, compete or prepare to compete, in any affiliated showjumping competition without taking adequate precautions to ensure other horses/ponies, competitors and members of the public are not put at risk of injury at any time (Rule No. 82.20)
  6. The Show organisers have the right to cancel any class with less than 3 entries.
  7. Once a class has been entered, no refund will be given.
  8. Dogs to be kept on leads at all times.
  9. In the event of any rider travelling to a show on their own, details of a contact should be left with the secretary in case of an accident.
  10. Any person who fails to comply with these terms and conditions will be liable to forfeit their fees and expulsion from the showground.

Important Information

The organisers have taken reasonable precautions to ensure the Health and Safety of everyone attending.  For these measures to be effective everyone present must themselves take reasonable precautions to avoid and prevent accidents.  Instructions given by any Official working at the showjumping event must be obeyed.

Any animal not under control or in any way constituting a danger may be asked to leave the showground immediately.  Owners enter their horses/ponies at their own risk and it is a condition of entry that no liability of any kind attaches itself to the show organisers.